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10 Benefits of Using Commercial Cargo Services in Haiti

September 30, 2020

Benefits of Using Commercial Cargo Services in Haiti

It is easy to carry some personal artifacts with you during domestic or international travels. However, it remains seldom, but commercial goods in regular fashion demand special arrangements and management, particularly when it comes to oversea shipping. That is why commercial cargo services are the most sought-after shipping service sector for any growing and grown country.

The most critical question is, what are the benefits of commercial cargo services in Haiti like Caribbean country? Let’s delve deeper.

Benefit No.1 – Infrastructural Facilities for Commercial Cargo to Haiti

Fortunately, Haiti has five or more seaports functional for international sea cargo services. Two significant airports are for international air cargo services at the commercial level.

Such infrastructural facilities have boosted commercial cargo to Haiti services at the next level. The most profitable businesses are exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, wholesale, retails, resellers, and B2B & B2C ecommerce.

Benefit No.2 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti Facilitates Online Shopping to Haiti

If you ever have explored the eCommerce data indicating business between USA and Haiti and Canada and Haiti, you might have discovered that USA-based e-commerce companies have a voluminous business using commercial cargo to Haiti services for a variety of goods ranging from fashion apparels, fresh and used clothes, electronic gadgets, and bulk (non-feed) groceries. It also has increased online shopping to Haiti for its native products with international demands.

Benefit No.3 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti Facilitates Door-to-Door Shipping to Haiti

Door-to-door cargo service is by definition encompassing shipping, handling, import, and customs duties related services under one umbrella, and most importantly, with a quoted price. So, it has gained immense popularity among different business communities and corporates across the globe. 

Shipping to Haiti is one of those BCOs (Beneficial Cargo Owners) for commercial cargo to Haiti service. So, it offers door-to-door cargo service at the most competitive rates. It lets you experience hassle-free shipments of your cargos from one to another jurisdiction with complicated laws. 

Benefit No.4 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with CFS Warehouse Facility

We know well that oversea transits of your goods are demanding container freight station (CFS) warehouse facilities at both ends, recipient ports, and delivery ports. 

CFS warehouses facilitate consolidation and deconsolidation of goods to enable air and sea shipping. 

Consolidation of goods requires creating the unit size of containers befitting into the shipment carriers like cargo airplanes or sea vessels. Deconsolidation helps in the creation of cargo shipment to a public or further land transits.

Custom Border Protection authorities implement their laws on the goods arrive at the CFS warehouse running under the international port authorities. They determine the various safety and security aspects of goods along with national interests. Therefore, it demands extensive paperwork and presentation of documents.

If you want to cut shipping time and paperwork, under C.F.R. 19.1, you can avail of bonded CFS warehouse facility service to receive goods directly from the port while still under the custom bond. There are eleven classes of bonded warehouse certificates available for different types of goods and facilities in CFS warehouses.

For the merchants with regular import and export requirements for their goods, the CFS warehouse helps in short-term storage, broken down packages, and repackages for final delivery with improved efficiency. 

Fortunately, Shipping to Haiti & Chatelain Cargo Service offers bonded CFS warehouse facilities to enhance shipping efficiencies for their customers and client-businesses or manufacturers in Haiti, and neighboring countries share business dialects with Haiti.

Benefit No.5 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with Cargo Courier Service

By definition, courier service is a means of handling smaller items to deliver, while cargo service is for bulk goods. Couriers are for inland destinations like local to national level. Cargo services are typically for oversea deliveries. 

If a courier service is mean to international destinations, it also needs a cargo service to pass the oversea distance by air or sea routes.

Shipping to Haiti and Chatelain Cargo service is a “Cargo Courier service.” It is a combination of inland courier service and oversea cargo shipping service. They can consolidate & reconsolidate courier parcels from other couriers besides their orders. 

They use their bonded CFS warehouse facilities located across the global destinations in due course. It helps them keep promises of on-time delivery because of quick handling of shipment documentations and fast transits.

Benefit No.6 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with Roll-on & Roll-off (Ro-Ro) Service

Are you thinking of “Shipping A Car to Haiti” or “Shipping A Truck to Haiti?”

Roll-on and roll-off commercial cargo to Haiti services are for you to import a car or truck from the USA or other destinations. Fundamentally, Ro-Ro commercial cargo service is for the vehicles that can be driven to and from sea vessels. It demands trained drivers to drive any vehicle using specially made platforms to bridge the gap between ground on the port and parking place in the sea ships. It makes the loading and unloading process quick and safe.

Benefit No.7 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with Container Cargo Service

Haitians are found of toys, TVs, DVDs, Electronic gadgets, and clothing. It means there is a voluminous import of such smaller items from the neighboring countries.

To carry commercial cargo to Haiti for such products, 20-40 feet containers are the best ways to do so in a protected environment. Thereby, Shipping to Haiti and Chatelain Cargo offers a flexible and cost-effective container cargo service to carry such products.

Benefit No.8 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with Liquid Bulk Service

Liquid carrying containers are of a bit different types than other commercial cargo containers. Seaports of Haiti are usually providing liquid bulk shipping facilities for crude oil, refined petroleum products, vegetable oils, and wines.

It helps the entire Haitian economy in a real sense to thrive and running on the path of growth and prosperity. Shipping to Haiti offers liquid bulk cargo service at the market competitive rates.

Benefit No.9 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with Dry Bulk Service

Haiti carries imports and exports of various dry bulk goods from its five major seaports. Various commercial cargo to Haiti services offers to ship grains, coals, ore, cement, iron, sugar, salt, crushed stones, and even sands for the construction industry. Shipping to Haiti also contributing to such nation-building activities by offering comprehensive commercial cargo to Haiti services.

Benefit No.10 – Commercial Cargo to Haiti with Break Bulk Service

Breakbulk goods facilitate easy segregations or breaking of packages when it goes to bulk transits. Papers, woods, bags of smaller products, groceries, automotive spare parts, and electrical parts are items for breakbulk. Shipping to Haiti offers sea shipping services to carry such goods in safe and secure ways.

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