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How Door-to-Door Cargo Services Grow Your Business in Haiti

September 22, 2020

How Door-to-Door Cargo Services Grow Your Business in Haiti

Many terms in the shipping industry are confusing for the occasional shippers and mostly the first-timers. Door-to-door cargo service is one of those puzzling terms. 

What Is Door-to-Door Cargo Shipping?

So, I have asked a door-to-door cargo service provider in Haiti, and the reply was cloying to taste. They defined a door-to-door delivery as a through bill of lading. 

It means it includes trucking of goods on both ends besides sea/ocean shipping or air freight. However, trucking or on-road fleets usually take place from and up to warehouses at both ends.

If you anticipate shipping company to pick your goods up from your doorsteps and deliver those in the same fashion at another end, I.e., at the doorsteps of recipients, you have to bear additional charges.

Fortunately, in Haiti, Shipping Haiti cargo service rates relatively lower than if I jot down different companies to deliver the same service through the inclusion of the third-party with specific services in other areas of shipping.

Real Scenario with Different Fragments of Cargo to Haiti 

Let me clarify it. I have considered the charges of a land fleet service provider in the USA from one of my locations to the warehouse of Shipping Haiti Company. The same I have applied for a Haiti-based local van/truck shipper. 

In sum, I have to pay a total of three separate shipment companies, including Shipping Haiti. Moreover, I have realized that if I have not bought a warehouse to warehouse delivery mode and chosen port to port delivery mode, shipment clearing, custom clearing, and other tons of paperwork was waiting to kill my precious time.

The Scenario with a Single Door-to-Door Shipping to Haiti 

Shipping Haiti is a door-to-door cargo shipping company. So, it picks up the shipping consignment/container from (the door of) your warehouse. It brings it to the port. It processes gate the goods in and files the essential paperwork for customs and other authorities.

The same process was repeating in inverse fashion on the other side of the sea and brought the containers with goods at the consignee’s warehouse. 

It seems marvelous, indeed! It happens with a big difference in the final invoice compared to cumulative invoices with separate shipment companies that I already have described earlier.

Grow Your EXIM with An Ocean Freight Shipping Company in Haiti

The per capita income of 10.98 million Haitians is quite lower than its rich neighbors like the USA and Canada. However, its growth rate is more than 1.8%. It has a vast consumer community importing tons of goods via the ecommerce route from the USA.

During FY 2017, the total imports of Haiti reached $4.392 billion against $960.1 million. It means you have ample scope to sell your goods like foods, lifestyle items, machinery, and some luxurious products in Haiti.

Please bear in mind that customs authority in Haiti is famous for its informal nature and only experience shipping agencies know how to deal with them. 

Fortunately, Shipping Haiti has learned a few lessons in due course and now successfully overcame those constraints by taking enough care and precautions before accepting any consignment from the outskirts nations.

Grow Your E-commerce with An Established Commercial Cargo Shipping Company in Haiti

The tendencies of people in Haiti are to find affordable goods, and online storefronts in the neighboring nations are providing positively market competitive rates for various goods, including surplus or used products, equipment, apparel, and groceries. Therefore, numerous ecommerce companies are looking for the cheapest yet reliable delivery options to send their products in Haiti without opening a branch or affiliate there. 

Shipping Haiti is a growth fostering door-to-door cargo service with an established and dependable network of local partners. You can send small parcels to LCL consignment at a cheaper rate than any competitor in Haiti.

Haiti is an agriculture dominated nation. However, it lacks Agri-supporting and allied products production facilities & goods like chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides in the required quantity. It means the farmers are heavily relying on imports from American, Canadian, and European goods.

Shipping Haiti is the best door to door cargo shipping services provider in Haiti, contact us at