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How to Find Best Door-to-Door Cargo Shipping Services in Haiti

August 25, 2020

How to Find Best Door-to-Door Cargo Shipping Services in Haiti

Haiti is a densely populated country close to the USA with over 11 million population. Haiti is an underdeveloped economy but the most open & predominantly English-speaking country in the Caribbean region. Thereby, trade with the USA is frequent and also with minimum barriers.

It has fostered the import of a wide range of fresh & surplus goods, including auto parts, clothes, and gifts. Recent eCommerce trends have boosted the imports from the USA to Haiti for affordable products.

Cargo Facilities:

Haiti has four major seaports to enable sea shipping and two airports to facilitate air freight. Haitian custom department charges 30% of the total cost as a customs duty or tax on imports. Restrictions are minimum and fair and confined up to national security aspects.

Types of Goods Carried by Cargo Services at Haiti

If you are looking closely at cargo services in Haiti, there are several types of goods are shipping to Haiti from the USA and elsewhere.

  • Container Cargo Goods
  • Dry Bulk Cargo Goods
  • Liquid Bulk Cargo Goods
  • Breakbulk Cargo Goods
  • Ro-Ro Cargo Goods

Many shipping to Haiti companies has furnished a list of more often shipped bulky goods. Let’s take a glance at it and having a better understanding of trade to Haiti.


  • Farm Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Engineering Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment


  • Large Trucks or Heavy Vehicles
  • Dump Trucks
  • Cranes
  • Harvesters
  • Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Forklifts

Cargo Shipping Options at Haiti

LoLo Shipping (Lift On/Lift Off):

It uses a crane to lift on & lift off the cargo from the ship. It is the best option for inoperable vehicles or packaged heavy equipment.

RoRo Shipping (Roll-On/Roll-Off):

It is for the heavy equipment or large vehicle with the ability to drive onto & off of the ship with the help of a ramp & skilled driver.

Container Shipping:

It transports the entire shipping container and protects the cargo from outside elements.

Flat Rack Shipping:

Flat rack shipping uses an open metal frame to secure the equipment during sea shipping.

Apart from the heavy weighted items, there are lighter and delicate items to ship in Haiti. Moreover, couriers also are operating to carry the envelops and a bit sizable parcels up to 30lbs.

These all make the shipping scenario exciting and lucrative from a business point of view. Today, Shipping Haiti & Chatelain Cargo are emerging entities in the cargo shipping business in Haiti and the surrounding nations.

Door-to-Door Cargo Shipping Services in Haiti

Now, we are well versed in cargo shipping services in Haiti. We almost have ideas about the goods transported through various types of cargo shipping services using different modes of shipping.

You might wonder about the title, door-to-door cargo shipping services in Haiti. For the sake of your knowledge, we would like to refer to the term Cargo. It covers all kinds of freights possible in different routes, land, sea, and air.

Shipping services are targeting a complete delivery from the point of origin to delivery. Therefore, if a shipping service to Haiti is picking up a parcel or container from a warehouse or shop/office/home in the USA, it may carry first via the land route to seaport or airport. After cross country traveling, it again takes land route in Haiti and reaches the doorstep of the recipient.

Thus, now cargo shipping services become door-to-door service providers and have earned the title accordingly. Let’s see how the leading door-to-door cargo services are accomplishing their jobs gracefully.

For instance, CCS (Chatelain Cargo Service) Miami places containers at the doors of vendors. It facilitates quick loading and delivering to the air & sea lines directly. The same happens in the USA, and LCL picks up the containers destined for Haiti. Similarly, CCS offers weekly shipments via sea or air to Port au Prince, Haiti.

Moreover, today shipping tracking is straightforward and comprehensive for everyone. Many e-commerce and SMBs have incorporated shipping tracking facilities provided by the shipping service providers or say, shipping partners. APIs for assimilation of shipping tracking software is available and give a seamless performance in most of the tech-platforms used on the websites.

Otherwise, merchants have old-fashioned ways to look after their shipped goods between the means. According to Shipping Haiti, a merchant has to email the photo-copy of the receipt obtained from the warehouse where they submitted their products and defined the shipping details.

Shipping Haiti & Chatelain Cargo both are offering online notification services for your door-to-door cargo shipping services. It enables a merchant to track each point of traveling of their goods and predict when they might have their wares at the doorsteps of the recipients/customers in Haiti.

They also allow you to pick your broker to clear your shipment and pick it up from the warehouse of the cargo services.

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